Denim is king when it comes to casual attire. However, there are other ways to add this simple and easygoing material to your weekend collection besides jeans. A denim jacket is a great addition to various ensembles.

The item is ideal for giving a variety of ensembles a straightforward yet fashionable finishing touch. Follow this helpful style advice on what to wear with a denim jacket for an amazing appearance to learn how to rock this menswear staple to perfection.

Choosing the Right Fit

It's time to buy denim jackets for men if you still need one. Choosing the fit and the desired color are both necessary for this. These days, there are numerous forms and silhouettes of denim jackets to choose from.

Fitted and cropped designs look more professional, while loose and large ones convey a relaxed vibe. Choose a denim jacket with a traditional style that ends at your hips. When the buttons are closed, they should feel snug but not too tight.

Different jean jacket styles

One can have five different jean jackets for a reason. They are all unique. It's like having a variety of white t-shirts, each with a special appearance, fit, and style.

If you wear denim jackets frequently, you undoubtedly have several different styles. However, start with the basics if this is your first time wearing a denim jacket.

A more tailored, medium, or dark wash jean jacket ought to be a wardrobe staple. A flattering one has some stretch and is cozy to wear. This look goes well with almost anything. Shirts, sweatpants, jeans, and skirts.

Seriously. Everything. Although you can choose ones with a little distress, if you want to use them the MOST, you should stay with ones without any significant holes.

You can begin growing after you have your first denim jacket. Those cool street-style looks are perfect for oversized boyfriend denim jackets. 

They look fantastic worn over beautiful spring dresses. You adore my travel-friendly big denim jacket as well. It looks great with leggings and has enough space for a hoodie.

You might be sporting the shrunken design from the 2010s if your denim jacket is also beginning to feel antiquated. We're wearing a larger fit for 2022 that complements well.

If you don't like plain old denim, adding a colored denim jacket is also enjoyable! Both a white and a black denim jacket are appropriate for the summer. 

You even have one with a flowery motif and one in blush. You can pick something that matches your style, like leather jackets for men. Also, there are so many different color selections available.

Read Some Tips

1: It slips on over the heaviest shirt you intend to wear.

2: It can be buttoned up over a t-shirt without being too tight or pulling (denim jackets are not commonly buttoned up, but they can be; if you do button up, still leave at least the top and bottom buttons undone).

3: The fabric drapes in horizontal planes.

4: The bottom hem of the denim jacket should not go much past your beltline; the longest it should go is to the center of your fly/upper thigh. The denim jacket is shorter.

The jacket shouldn't be too short, but it also shouldn't be too long either; if it reaches your waistline or higher, it will appear too cropped and start to resemble a more feminine jean jacket.

5: The ends of the sleeves touch the wrist bends but stop short of the thumb creases.

6: You can comfortably cross your arms and swing them about; if you discover that denim fabric feels too confining (this is sometimes the case with darker and raw denim; lighter washes will normally be rather soft), seek a jacket created with some flexible material added to the cotton fabric.

7: Unlike sports jackets, which can be dressed up or down to comply with almost any dress code, denim jackets aren't as adaptable as those latter ones. 

A jean jacket can be worn over a dress shirt, tie, and even a waistcoat by some highly stylish sartorialists. Still, the contrast between the more proper undergarment and the relatively casual outerwear is too stark to be attractive.

8: However, denim jackets are adaptable in that they blend well with almost every other item in your wardrobe that belongs to the casual category.


Pick a vibrant jean jacket to stand out from the crowd. By providing them in colors like green, pink, and even purple, dozens of businesses are stepping up their denim jacket game.

You can choose a color that is more fitting for the season; for example, choose white for summer and orange for fall. Dare to be unique!

For more advice on how to wear your favorite denim item, see our suggestions for how it may be worn for occasions other than the weekend and our picks for the best jean jackets.